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Three Things That Will Level Up Your Instagram

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Is your nonprofit struggling with social media?
Are you trying to create awareness for your nonprofit, but getting nowhere?

Then someone suggests you should get on Instagram.

Next thing you know you’ve been given the task (because when you work in a nonprofit, you never do just your own job) even though you know next to nothing about the platform. You read some how-to articles, come up with some posts, and hope for the best. Except…

Your follower count has sat at the same number for months, you struggle with knowing what to post, and you have no idea how to use hashtags. What you do matters, but it seems like nobody is listening.

I’ve seen it all too often: you don’t have great success and so you get discouraged. You post when you can, but you’re getting nothing out of it.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

Instagram really can be a powerful tool to find more donors and volunteers, but you’ve got to use it the right way.

So… are you ready to start seeing some ROI??

In this free webinar, I’m giving you three solid strategies to maximize what little time you have to engage on this platform and start seeing some results!

You'll learn how to:

Hi, I'm Carole.

I love working in the nonprofit world. I am truly lucky to have seen the very best of people – volunteers, donors, and coworkers – over two decades of working in this sector. What strikes me the most is that regardless of size or scope, from grassroots social service agencies to multi-million dollar foundations, what remains a constant is the inspiring vision that starts it all – doing something good for someone else. I am here to support you in that vision; to give you the tools you need to reach and share your vision to new audiences online.

By the end of our time together, not only will you be equipped with strategies you can implement right away, but you’re also going to feel inspired and excited about growing your nonprofit online!

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