Contributing coins to a monthly saving jar.

Nine Tips for a Successful Monthly Giving Program

What is a monthly giving program? A monthly giving program is a donation plan that allows donors to choose a specified amount they wish to contribute each month. The recurring donations are deducted automatically, and can be set up for a predetermined amount of time, with or without automatic rollover. Monthly donations can be collected via electronic funds transfer, or credit or debit card withdrawals. What are the benefits of a monthly giving program? A… Read More »Nine Tips for a Successful Monthly Giving Program

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Five Lessons Learned in Disaster Planning

Even in the continuing uncertainty we find ourselves in this week, there is opportunity to pull out learning that can guide your nonprofit in the strategic and operational planning that will have to be considered in the coming months. You are likely in the midst of picking up the pieces, damaged from the force that is Covid19 – a decimated volunteer program, cancelled events, staff layoffs, and clients you cannot serve and who may have… Read More »Five Lessons Learned in Disaster Planning

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Connecting Past & Present for Nonprofit Success

I was at a local coffee shop the other day with a colleague, and got up to peruse the snacks at the front counter, when I came across a sign on the wall that said “Don’t look into your past, it has nothing left to say.” While I could see some benefit to the sentiment, I couldn’t help but think: can’t our past also inform our future? Bringing this idea into the nonprofit realm, here… Read More »Connecting Past & Present for Nonprofit Success

Four Ways to Supercharge Your Volunteer Program

Does this sound familiar? A database filled with names of people who were, at some point, eager participants in your cause. They ran in the races, they collected the auction items, they sealed and stamped the envelopes. Now they languish there, happy to receive the occasional update on your initiatives, but never actually engaging with you again in a more meaningful way. What should you do? You’ve tried different ways of reaching out, of encouraging… Read More »Four Ways to Supercharge Your Volunteer Program