I see you.

You’re working tirelessly to bring your mission to life and grow your nonprofit. But lack of money, time, and a strategic plan are the challenges I see most often for new and small-to-midsize nonprofits like yours.

I know what it's like to stretch limited resources while trying to maximize impact.

You (or your staff members) are each doing the work of several people, things are falling through the cracks, and maybe you are starting to burn out. You don’t want to let anybody down, but you know this isn’t sustainable if you want your nonprofit to grow and thrive.

That's where I come in.

I love developing plans and systems to make your work easier when it comes to volunteer engagement, social media, and fundraising. Together we can increase your impact, your audience, and the dollars rolling in.

So you can get back to dreaming big, building pivotal relationships, and enjoying your work again!

Do you want to...?

Start a Nonprofit

Let’s figure out your game plan around board recruitment, operations, partnerships, online marketing, and fundraising.

Engage Volunteers

We’ll develop policies, role descriptions, intake & retention methods, and a budget to engage volunteers effectively.

Get Social on Social

We’ll build a strategy and content that gets results, and set you up on the right platforms to reach the audiences you want.

Raise Funds

Let’s build your capacity by increasing your individual donations, setting up special events, and grant research and writing.

You’re working hard to show up on social media, so let me give you my best strategies to make it a success! Grab my guide to help you grow your audience online in less time!

Hey there!

I love working in the nonprofit world. I am truly lucky to have seen the very best of people – volunteers, donors, and coworkers – during the close to 20 years I was employed in this sector.

What strikes me the most is that regardless of size or scope, from grassroots social service agencies to multi-million dollar foundations, what remains a constant is the inspiring vision that starts it all – doing something good for someone else.

I am here to support you in that vision; to give you the tools and time so that you can do more good.

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